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Accepting Hardships as the Pathway to Peace

The above title is a line in the full length Serenity Prayer. On first glance, you shake your head and say, “How can this be?” But as you dig deeper, you begin to see how true this can be and … Continue reading

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In 1904, the cleaning agent VIM first appeared on the scene. 109 years later it’s still a leading cleanser of choice because it works! VIM lives up to its name – coming from the Latin word vis or vim meaning … Continue reading

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The Power of Positive Impact

Impact is defined as – “the effect or impression of one thing on another.” What impression have you made on others? What impression or effect have others had in your life? The possibilities for making a positive impact are endless! … Continue reading

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A Powerful Key to Healing

Built into your being is a physical mechanism intended to bring relief and inner healing. This mechanism scares a lot of people and is often avoided like the plague. The mechanism is those tears that flow from deep within. Tears … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Dog Park

While out riding my scooter yesterday, I drove past a new dog park our city built. It has become an instant hit with dogs and dog owners of our city. The number of dogs and dog owners was the highest … Continue reading

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It Would Have Been Enough

Some days I find myself wanting things to be just a little bit different. Does that ever happen to you? I’m not talking about the drive to improve and learn something new. I’m talking about the undercurrent of discontent that … Continue reading

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Standing Alone Together

There are two key ingredients in life’s recipe you need to survive and thrive during times of adversity. Internal strength of character and a band of brothers and sisters standing with you. The story is told of the first paratroopers … Continue reading

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