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How to Get Unstuck

This week I got stuck. I don’t enjoy getting stuck but it seems like getting stuck (from time to time) is as sure as the sun will come up in the morning. I’ll get into why I think I got … Continue reading

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Five Insights on “Why Remember?”

Why do we celebrate anniversaries? Why do we pause on days of the year when difficult things have happened in years gone by? Is there value in remembering those traumatic, life changing events? Remembering the death of a loved one, … Continue reading

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Transition: Friend or Foe?

Every new milestone brings with it a new challenge we must face. Does that sound like a contradiction? Aren’t milestones simply an opportunity to celebrate progress and growth? Yes and no. Yes – milestones reached are a reason to celebrate! … Continue reading

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14 Roots and Principles to Live By

Victor Hugo once said, “Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” Living by principles instead of running around looking for the perfect methods gets you where you want to go. When the helicopter … Continue reading

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Surgery is a Team Sport

Last week I received news of the strong likelihood of another surgery – surgery number nine. What I thought would be day surgery to release my knee so it will bend past 90 degrees was inaccurate. The release my surgeon … Continue reading

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Pushed or Pulled: Which One Are You?

Are you pushed by a drivenness to work and excel and get things done?  Or are you pulled by a desire to live from a place of value and deeper meaning?  I was asked that question the other day as … Continue reading

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How to End Procrastination NOW!

Procrastination kills good intentions. It subtly stands on your shoulder and reminds you of the reasons why you can’t do something or why you’d be better off waiting just one more day before starting that important project.   Procrastination is the … Continue reading

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