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The Secret to Experiencing Rhythm

Ol’ Fred had lived a good life and was now lying in a hospital bed near the end of his life. The family was gathered around along with their pastor who had come to say a few words and offer … Continue reading

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How to End Procrastination NOW!

Procrastination kills good intentions. It subtly stands on your shoulder and reminds you of the reasons why you can’t do something or why you’d be better off waiting just one more day before starting that important project.   Procrastination is the … Continue reading

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Your Personal Growth Plan

What is your personal growth plan?  Does it happen haphazardly or by design?  I’ve been asking myself this question lately because even though there is a lot about my life I can`t change or control, this area I can do … Continue reading

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Setting Your Clock to the Right Time

The ancient Greeks had two words for time – one was chronos and the other was kairos.  The quality of your life will be greatly enhanced if you can determine what time it is and then set your clock accordingly! … Continue reading

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