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Secrets to Nelson Mandela Surviving 27 Year in Prison

The world mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela at the age of 95. He lived his life for others and from an early age, entered the fight for freedom and equality to come to his nation. Mandela has been a … Continue reading

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12 Tips for Pushing Past Fear

Fear if allowed to dominate, holds us back and paralyzes us from action. If fear warns us of a legitimate threat, it’s our friend. But if fear is unfounded in reality and comes as an emotional disturber of the peace, … Continue reading

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A Granddaughter Rekindles Hope

Nelson Mandela tells a story of a hope inspiring visit he had with his daughter while in Robben Island prison. The visit occurred shortly after his daughter Zeni had married into the Swazi royal family to the prince Thumbumuzi. Once … Continue reading

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What Nelson Mandela Can Teach about Education

The story of Nelson Mandela is a story of courage, tenacity, and transformational leadership. His book Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela is a journey describing both his formative years and his long struggle to bring freedom … Continue reading

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