It Would Have Been Enough

Some days I find myself wanting things to be just a little bit different. Does that ever happen to you? I’m not talking about the drive to improve and learn something new. I’m talking about the undercurrent of discontent that steals your joy and keeps your mind and heart from true gratitude.


1000 years ago a song was written and continues to be sung by the Jews. The song strikes a blow to the notion “we never have quite enough” and is called Dayenu. It is sung at their Passover holiday and the word Dayenu means “it would have been enough for us.” It’s a song expressing gratitude to God for what He had done and fosters contentment and a thankful spirit.

The middle section of the song goes something like this (based on Israel’s story):

  • If He had split the sea for us
    Dayenu, it would have been enough
  • If He had led us through on dry land
    Dayenu, it would have been enough
  • If He had drowned our oppressors
    Dayenu, it would have been enough
  • If He had provided for our needs in the wilderness for 40 years
    Dayenu, it would have been enough
  • If He had fed us manna
    Dayenu, it would have been enough

Yesterday I had a Dayenu moment. The sun was shining (a rare event here on the west coast this time of year) and so I decided to go for a scooter ride down through the woods near our house.

While on my ride, I came across a friend of mine who also rides a scooter. I call him a friend because we have talked numerous times and enjoy our conversations every time we see each other. He is probably in his 70’s and struggles with the later stages of Parkinson’s.

I parked myself beside him yesterday and had a longer than normal conversation. He was recovering from an operation to replace a battery in his chest that runs a device to help regulate his out of control muscles. He went on to say with Parkinson’s, it’s not the disease that kills you but other things like falling and pneumonia that will hurt you the most. He was diagnosed 18 years ago and realizes he may not have too many more years left in this life.

When I sat and listened to his story, I thought of my situation and felt this surge of gratitude to God for what He has done for me and I said to myself:

What I have in my hand right now is enough!

I have a scooter to ride on – it is enough
I have a beating heart, eyes, ears, mind, taste buds – it is enough
I have a roof over my head and clean water to drink – it is enough
I have a laptop to type my blogs on – it is enough
I have a loving wife who drives me around and feeds me well – it is enough
I have money to pay the bills and provide for our daily needs – it is enough
I have friends who call and I can enjoy lunch with – it is enough
I can walk with the help of crutches and a walker – it is enough
I have a Physiotherapist helping me prepare to walk again – it is enough
I have books to read, podcasts to listen to and hockey to watch – it is enough
I have a church community of friends I can grow spiritually with – it is enough

I could write a list of all the things I don’t have and wish were different but I’m choosing to say:

Dayenu – what I have is enough!

What do you have right now that is enough?
Who can you express your gratitude to for what you have? Now go do it!

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10 Responses to It Would Have Been Enough

  1. Shirlene Henning. says:

    For every moment of each day, that God gives me, it is enough.

  2. tim says:

    Good Post Cam, but the hockey one leaves me wondering a little: Do you watch a team that has…enough…to win a Stanley Cup?

  3. nanxy says:

    Okay so that made me cry! Beautiful Cam.

  4. Janell H says:

    Thank you Cam. Dan and I are currently in a season of waiting and hoping…our dreams of what we would like to do and where we would like be established are coming, but not quite here yet. I am with you in “growing in thankfulness” and learning to say that for where I am, I am blessed and have enough. Prayers for you today – thank you again for the perspective. Janell Hartley

    • Cam Taylor says:

      Thanks Janell for sharing your story – may you be strong as you practice gratitude and wait for what’s next. Just reading your post creates a flash back to our journey through SA & that crazy muddy back road into Swaziland! Take care.

  5. Marilou says:

    Great word for today! I’ve just written my list of things that are enough and I am very blessed! Thanks for your blogs and their inspiration.

  6. Helen Parkins says:

    an amazing post and I see it lived out in yours and Vicky’s lives. What an inspiration and challenge to me. My heart is full and a prayer that I may be full of gratitude.

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