Looking Back on 2012

One of the rituals when closing out one year and preparing for the next is to reflect on the year that was. This blog which I started in June, has become a place where I’ve been able to share what I’ve been learning during my time of healing and recovery.


As I look back on the 50+ blog posts of 2012, I went ahead and put them into some categories as a way to both review and give you the opportunity to go back and read any posts that you might find helpful now.

 This blog is designed to help you learn and grow regardless of your circumstances and especially in the midst of adversity.  I seek to share what I’ve been learning which comes both from what I’m reading and listening to but also from the experiences I’ve been having that I have taken time to reflect on. 

Enjoy this review of 2012 and please add in the comments section any topics you’d like me to write about in 2013. I’d welcome the challenge!

 Themes from 2012 in Review

Attitudes to shape your life

A Glimpse at New Normal
Appreciation – a Habit Worth Forming
Curiosity – Your Key To Growing Through Adversity
Metaphors to Keep You in Flight
The Power of Choice
Warning: 50 Wolves Are Waiting!
Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude
Zig Ziglar’s Instruction Book for Life

Change & Transition

The Emotions of Change
The Face of Change
The Land Between
The Thermostat that Turns Up the Heat On Change

Core Beliefs

Beliefs to Inspire Your Dance
Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight
Do You Have True Hope or Just a Wish?
Forgiveness – Why Bother?
The Great Control Hoax
Having a Why to Live For
Hold Fast to Your Dreams
The Mark Twain School of Motivation
When Sidelined: Do You see Mud or Stars?
The Stockdale Paradox

Emotional Well-being

Avoid Becoming Passion’s Slave
Emotional Self-Awareness
Five Ways to Deal Doggedly With Worry
Grown Men Do Cry

Grief & Loss 

Two Contrasting Rivers Meet
The Tasks of Grief
What is Good Grief?

Healing and Recovery

A Tale of One Unlucky Butterfly
Endurance – running to finish
How Embracing Adversity Changes Everything
The Pathway from Brokenness to Healing
When Your Ship Breaks Apart – What Then? 


From a Mother’s Perspective
Hidden Blessings
How to Live with Realistic Expectations
Moving from “Why?” to “What Now?”
Things Are Not Always as They Appear 

Living in the Present

Anywhere but Here
Carpe Diem
The Pathway to Now
Setting Your Clock to the Right Time 

Suffering & pain

The Fellowship of SuffeRING
How Prepared Are You for a Storm?
Setbacks as a Secret Weapon
The Shocking Truth About Pain 

Personal Growth

5 Secrets of Character Growth
How Likeable Are You?
How to Grow Three Sizes
Journaling – Benefiting Recovery and Life
The Power of Yes
10 Questions to Refocus Your Life
The 2 Kinds of People
Your Personal Growth Plan

Which post has been your favorite? 
What topic would you like me to write about in 2013?

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About Cam Taylor

I'm help people live inspired, focused and tenacious lives. I work as a coach, facilitator, author, and speaker.
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2 Responses to Looking Back on 2012

  1. Thanks for the review. I will be recommending some friends (not bloggers) to read your excellent articles. May your new year be blessed!

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