Warning: 50 Wolves Are Waiting!

When you stand on the shore of the ocean, you learn quickly of its abundance. There is always another wave. An attitude of abundance is like the ocean. It’s a belief that says, “There will always be enough for everyone!”

In life we see circumstances and events in two different ways. As a glass half empty or glass half full. We see the possibilities and resourcefulness around us or we see fear, doubt and scarcity.

A Story of Abundance

An organization in Montana offered a bounty of $5000 for every wolf captured alive. Two hunters named Sam and Jed decided to head for the hills and make some money capturing wolves. Day and night they scoured the mountains and forests searching for their valuable prey. Exhausted after three days of hunting without any success, they both fell asleep.

During the night, Sam suddenly woke up to find that he and Jed were surrounded by a pack of 50 wolves, with flaming red eyes and bared teeth, snarling at the two hunters and preparing to pounce.

Sam nudged Jed and said, “Hey, wake up! We’re rich!”

How rich are you? 

Compared to Sam and Jed, how do you look at your circumstances?  Do you see instant doom and gloom or the opportunities waiting for you?  

I’ve had many tough days of pain and struggle during this recovery.  But with that struggle has come resources and people just when I needed it. I’m not always sure why or how it has happened but I am truly grateful and daily choose an attitude of abundance!

An attitude of abundance says:

  • I will have what I need when I need it
  • There are enough resources and help to go around
  • As I give, there will be even more to give
  • This is really hard, but God will give me strength as I need it
  • There are answers to my problems – I just need to keep looking

A scarcity mindset says:

  • I better hold back because I might run out
  • I can’t rely on others to help me
  • If this doesn’t work there is no other option
  • There isn’t enough to go around so I better hang on to what I have

5 ways to grow an attitude of abundance:

  1. Never stop growing.  Learn something new every day. It will help keep you dreaming and the flow of ideas from drying up.
  2. Help others grow. A wise philosopher once said, “When you help another person get to the top of a mountain, you will arrive there too.”
  3. Write out your goals.  If you aim at nothing in your life, you’ll hit it every time.   Written goals along with action plans give you tracks to run on and fuel an abundance mindset.
  4. Read abundance affirmations daily. Put the abundance affirmations you read above on 3 x 5 cards and read them often.
  5. Connect with abundance thinkers. There’s nothing like a like-minded abundance thinking friend to keep you going when the heat it on.  Value them with your life!

What are the signs you have an attitude of abundance or not? 
How can you develop an attitude of abundance today?

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About Cam Taylor

I'm help people live inspired, focused and tenacious lives. I work as a coach, facilitator, author, and speaker.
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8 Responses to Warning: 50 Wolves Are Waiting!

  1. Beautiful, lots of wisdom here! Thanks.

  2. Don Klaassen says:

    Thanks Cam. I felt some anxiousness creeping into my prayer time this morning about commitments I made previously that seemed too generous and too risky. An hour later a phone call from a friend confirmed that generosity is God’s way. Your post confirms it again!

  3. I love this story Cam! I’m gonna use it in my next speech!

  4. rodger says:

    Great story about the wolves. We had a great belly laugh over that one…. Thanks for continuing to use your recovery to inspire others. I have benefited greatly.
    Gods best

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