The Thermostat that Turns Up the Heat On Change

When it comes to change, no one motivates you to change (long term) except you. Your mother can’t, your spouse can’t, your doctor can’t, your boss can’t, not even your coach or therapist can. 

There are however influencers that can increase urgency for change.  Those influencers are like a thermostat that triggers a change in temperature, increasing the urgency for change.

Urgency follows awareness (see The Face of Change for a review) and increases when any of the 5 + 1 influencers are present.

What are the 5 + 1 Influencers for change?

People are more likely to be motivated to change when they experience…

1.    FEAR

When people fear the consequences if things don’t change, urgency for change increases.  It worked for me once when my doctor said, “You either take a break from work or you are going to crash through the ice and drown.”  I took the break!


The human need to climb to a higher level of achievement or accomplishment can be a strong influencer for change.  Olympic athletes often have this motivator and will make radical changes in order to move to the level of excellence required to win.  This past year I caught a glimpse for how I could encourage others going through difficulty and have made some changes to do that even better.


People will change because they have a strong need to be part of a community where they find acceptance and belonging.  We will often conform to peer pressure and the expectations of those we love in order to fit in and find acceptance.  For me, I`ve been inspired to keep growing and not lose heart for the sake of my friends and family!


Sometimes change comes from being inspired or motivated by a leader.  We see in them a compelling vision and we decide we want to be part of that vision because it gives us a greater sense of meaning and ignites our passion. Matt Long is one such leader for me as I`ve walked through my recovery

5.    FAITH

Some people are influenced to change because they come to believe in something or Someone greater than themselves.  The person who believes in God and surrenders to His leadership will experience a newness of life that is truly hope giving. Words are inadequate to describe how my faith in God has motivated me to keep trusting and looking past what I`ve lost to focus on what I have left.


A traumatic event can serve as a catalyst for change and motivate you to turn thoughts into action.  Because of the pain and shock, everything looks and feels differently and can result in a new direction, new behaviors and significant change.  Source: Adaptive Coaching by Terry Bacon and Karen Spear.

Which of the 5 +1 influencers have served as a motivation for change in your life? What’s next?

About Cam Taylor

I'm help people live inspired, focused and tenacious lives. I work as a coach, facilitator, author, and speaker.
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5 Responses to The Thermostat that Turns Up the Heat On Change

  1. Beth Rawn says:

    I have been encouraged, inspired and motivated by your blog postings so far. It was a privilege to spend time with you last week and hear you “think outloud” about your next blog topic. Sometimes I like to think I can influence others to change, but really I’m the only one I can change. I’m asking myself what my 5+1 influencers are and most of all what is it in my life that needs to change? In our family, I feel like you and Vicky have the “traumatic event” covered right now. But I have been challenged to pray and ask God to prepare me for whatever events will be in my future so I will be ready to make the needed changes.

    • Cam Taylor says:

      Thanks Beth for your comment. Thanks as well for the support you’ve provided for us through our “traumatic event and recovery”. I like what you’re saying both in the desire to do some self reflection and be curious around what should change and your desire to prepare for an uncertain future. As I look back, I can see how my appetite for learning and growing through my time in the wading pool of life prepared me for when I was pushed into the deep end!

  2. Mark Lawrence says:

    Great post again Cam ! Not sure that change can be sustained with only one influencer acting alone. Fear may influence us to change but once the fear is gone I believe we easily revert to old habits.

    • Cam Taylor says:

      Hi Mark
      Your comment resonates very loudly. I agree, that fear alone can be short lived to motivate and needs other more positive influencers to help create new lasting habits.

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